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Mountain View Electric Association, Inc.


To provide our members reliable and affordable electric service consistent with sound business and engineering practices.


To be conscientious stewards of our resources and adopters of beneficial new ideas and technologies, with clear and open communications, meeting competitive, political and technological challenges of our industry.


  • Integrity. Be honest, open, and fair minded in the conduct of all Association matters.
  • Safety. Regard safety of employees, members and the public as a primary objective in all policy and business decisions.
  • Reliability. Anticipate and mitigate risks that might cause or prolong interruption of electrical services.
  • Affordability. Provide the lowest cost power consistent with safety, reliability and responsible environmental stewardship, while anticipating and mitigating risks that might threaten the financial health of the Association.
  • Service. Reflect respect for members and employees in all policies and practices and provide exceptional member services consistent with safety, reliability and affordability.
  • Community. Support member communities through policies and business decisions that sustain and enhance local economic vitality and quality of life.
  • Accountability. Be accountable for protection and responsible use of our resources, professional completion of our work and recognition and correction of our deficiencies.

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    11140 E woodman road, peyton, CO
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