[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Good afternoon Chamber members, friends and meeting guests.

First we want to give a huge Thank You to the D-49 Zone leadership for
their presentation!

Teaching and learning has changed so much. It was is amazing to see
the way D-49 is working to prepare students for their future and
include local business owners input as to what their needs are. We
look forward to putting together a meeting at the school in the

Cheryl DeGeorge, Falcon High School Principal
Brian Smith, Firebird Nation Campus Executive Principal
Mandy Maranville, Bennett Ranch Elementary Principal
Sheehan Freeman-Todd, Meridian Ranch Elementary Principal
Michael Roth, Falcon Elementary School of Technology Principal
Angela Rose, Woodmen Hills Elementary Principal
Sue Holmes, Falcon Zone Leader
Jennifer Johnson D-49

Thank you to all our members and guests for making this another
successful meeting!

The Eastern Plains Chamber of Commerce Board.